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Hey there everyone, how’s it going EH?
I purchased a brand new 2017 GT350 & it arrived in early September (ordered in July). Didn’t get to log very much seat time due to a busy work schedule and I only managed to rack up only 684 km’s before I put it away for the Winter. Now I can’t wait for Spring!
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Congrats, and yes, it sucks that we have to put our babies away for winter. Have you got her on a trickle charger? ... I hope so. Where are you located? ... I'm in Ottawa ... have been having a pretty severe winter thus far :(
Trickle charger and fuel stabilizer!!!
I'm in Winnipeg, aka WINTERpeg! Weather so far has been very cold & not much snow!
My car is indoors in a heated shop but I did not even consider a trickle charger...I stop by frequently to start it up and ease my Winter-blues!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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