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need for speed

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hello every body hope all is fine. I am 73 years young and still have a need for lots of power . thinking about buying a mustang Shelby GT 350 . I was wondering how big of an engine you could get not worried about warranty.
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Motorhead, not sure what you mean here. Buy the GT350, 526 HP normally aspirated motor, 8200 redline very well engineered, chassis etc. Just buy one.
If you simply want power buy a Hellcat, 707 HP but the GT350 will eat it up on the track.
This 5.2 may not be the biggest, but it makes a magical noise and is very fun on the streets. I really enjoy the heated and air conditioned seats too.
thanks CD3 .I know the gt350 is awesome I have watched videos of it 1/4 mile times are a bit lax would like a little more thou . I am a ford man all the way did not know if a larger engine was available .thanks again...
The ONLY motor in a GT350 is the 5.2 (315 c.i.) flat plan crank

I build and drive late model vehicles. We purchased a GT350 for our shop car to play with. Out of the box, maybe the best car I have ever driven. The ride/handling is amazing. Good power, and head turning noise!
We are playing with ours to add a little more power... looking for around 1200hp. So to answer your question, nothing ever changes. How much power do you want, and how much do you want to spend?
The 5.2l voodoo platform is very similar to the 5.0l coyote with exception to the crank. We pulled this car apart at 500 miles to see what it was made of. It is impressive and does have room for improvement.
We push the 5.0l, with stock bottom end, to over 700rwhp all the time. Built motors over 1200rwhp no problem. So, don't worry about the cubic inch size, it will make all the power you want and more.
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moterhead here. I like what you are saying rodneytxps. I know the car is awesome all I want is more bottom end .maybe an extra 75 hp is there some thing that you can do for that? if so where are you located?
If you want straight line speed, then consider a very recent GT 500 with the super charger and 662 horses. The GT 350 certainly is more of a track car rather than a drag strip car--and I own both.
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