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Nav Screen issues

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I was driving the other day and had my nav screen go blank ( like it shorted out). It stayed out for about 30 seconds then came back on, but now in the climate control mode and the clock displaying the wrong time. The time eventually reset correctly and I was able to go back to nav mode. Any idea what caused this ?? Anyone experiencing this issue??
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Never had that happen or seen anyone post anything like that. Weird.....
I had my lights go nuts the other day.

I figured out that when I put my gloves up on the dash to heat them up, I covered the light sensor.

Maybe you blocked the sensor somehow.
I had the nav screen act similar to what you describe only once, I attributed it to the car being in the middle of an update. Never had that happen again in the 2 yer period I have had the car.
If you have your cars automatic updates turned on and set to a wifi network, this can happen.
Thanks,, I will keep my eye on it !
Mine blacked out the other day. Screen completely black. Seemed to go out when I touched something, though I don't know what I touched.

When I got where I was going, and shut the car off, the selector blocks at the bottom lit up (audio, climate, etc). Pushing them did nothing. When I started the car up a few minutes later, the screen came up as if nothing had ever
happened, and is still working.
I test drove an 18 GT and the screen just didnt work at all. The salesman obviously told me that it wasn't a big issue. Lol yes it is sir.

I guess it happens more often than it should. Ive never had the issue on either of my 17s.
Same here three weeks in and the center controls are staying back lit and the nav screen staying back lit as well


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My 2017 did it last month. I had my radio on and it froze up. Nothing was playing anymore. I could not change station or volume. I couldn't even power it down. When I turned car off, the screen looked like a dimly black lit screen. I came back to it after work, and it worked. has not done it since.
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