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Hey guys,

How's everything today?

My name is Mike, 41, car freak, home builder, wife, no kids, bla,bla,bla, you know the standard stuff, nothing fancy..
reason is a "sweet" intro because finally i got my paws into an R model, this happens to be a black one that i added the silver with red stripes to it
after delivery, actually i wasn't even expecting the car, just got a call from the sales guy saying an R was being unloaded as we speak and i had 'bout
20 minutes to get there and decide before they offer it to the second in the waiting list, so, as you can imagine the results, i cut a check for a car that was not
even washed or "activated" yet.
Anyhow i currently own several other "nice cars" and the wife and i are building a Shelby Cobra replica from Factory Five that we hope to have fully finish by late August
I'm not going to lie here, this is my first 'stang and for that matter my first Ford product, can tell already some quality issues plague the Mustangs (GT's and up)
like the front bumper assembly, but, honestly.. WHO CARES! every i time start this animal my heart speeds up the same.
At the end isn't that all about? ;)
Welcome to the GT350 forum and congrats on your new ride!!!
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