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Just bought this 2018 GT350. Been eyeing one for a while. I am sure I am like most Mustang owners and if you have one Mustang you want more...I turn 50 on 10/2 so this was my birthday present to myself.

I actually bought a 2015 GT PP about a month ago....When I left the dealer I had this one in the back of my mind. When the premium went off and they dropped the price by couple k below MSRP we started dealing last week.

I have also included a photo of my 1966 GT that I have owned for 15 years or so. Finished her restoration about 4 years ago. My dad managed a body shop in the 1960s-1970s before becoming a claims adjustor for a major insurance company. He always had a shop at home on the side though. My friends in school were always at the house piddling on stuff we had no idea on. Anyhow, first car was 1968 Coupe, 6 cylinder. Learned a lot on that car in dads garage. What a favor he did for me making me buy a just above fair car and working on it.....Fast forward to about 15 years ago and I bought the 66GT. Later came a 2008 GT, then the 2015 GT, now the GT350.

Looking forward to some fall weather excursions in the mountains of NC. I have enjoyed reading this forum leading up to my purchase.


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