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Mustang Arrives Tomorrow via Auto Transporter, What Do I Ask/Do?

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I'm not sure if this already posted. Anyway, I receive my Mustang tomorrow. I know about the Bill of Lading. What should I look for? The car began with 9 miles from the dealership. What is an acceptable amount upon receiving (make sure they did not Bueller it)? Where are scratches from carelessness most common to happen? Anything else? I spent a lot of hard earned money for this car and I do not want to take the car home and then see a big scratch/dent that I did not see upon receiving. Any help is appreciated.
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obviously dents dings scratches ...... you want to make sure you get both keys .... a title ? all paperwork ..... I assume the front splitter wasnt installed .... it should be in the trunk and make sire its there.
Have an expierenced Ford store install because most dont know the proper way or will install wrong and at high speed it will come off as did mine

Check all the fluids and make sure they are full

Late but I hope this helped some

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