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Mobile version?

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When I try to edit a post it errors out. Also can't find a way to add images. HELP!!
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Hey there!

Could you let me know what error it is that you are receiving when trying to edit a post?
Also, which post are you trying to edit? (Link please).
And what device and browser are you running?

As for images, we had applied some security updates over the weekend that may have been the cause of your troubles with it. Try again now that the fix has been applied.

Hey there

In your settings (link at the top right of your screen, or here: )

On the left menu, choose Edit Profile Picture - this will show up in your profile on the site.

If you want the small image to show up next to each of your posts, select Edit Avatar instead.

You are a very clever individual! :)
No problem : )

We're always here to help.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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