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Might as well get it started

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I'm taking DEL of my 350, nonR TP, the last week of Jan. If anyone is in the Atlanta area, let me know and we'll meet up and chat. Also a HUGE Porsche guy.
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I just picked up my GT350 in February. I am in the Atlanta area.
Nice! Hopefully y'all can get some guys together and do some cool GT350 stuff.
I picked up mine the first week of the year, was supposed to be my Christmas present from me to me, but the rail yard decided they liked it better on the box car than in my yard, so I got it in '16 instead of '15. Anyway, I also am in the Atlanta area.
I am going to caffeine and Octane April 3rd but if anyone wants to get together before then let me know. I live in Suwanee.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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