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Life is Change

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My Forum Name of ShelbyQuest18! may have to change. I have been looking for a new GT350 with the convenience package for many weeks. I recently talked to one of the general managers at AutoNation, the biggest dealership operation in the U.S., I believe. He said that his current information is that the whole AutoNation dealership network will get about 110 GT350 allocations and of course, much fewer Rs. He also told me that the 18's will absolutely command significant ADM, since there will be relatively fewer of them. To add icing to this cake, the first ones will not be available to early next Spring. :mad:

I can't deal with the normal Recaro seats on a weekly basis, and I suspect anyone over 45 or so feels pretty much the same way. Plus living in the South, air conditioned seats sound much better. I uses to log a lot of track time (high speed autox on old NASCAR banked track and some road courses) and did them in seats not nearly as high bolstered as the Recaros. So, for me - the convenience package was a must-have.

My first choice was a new '17 Lightening Blue, but gave up that quest was tilting at windmills. So after several weeks I found a new Ruby Red with White Stripes at a dealership about 50 miles from where I used to live in the DC area - at MSRP. After looking at a few dozen close-ups to check body panel fitment, it looks like this was not built on a Monday.. :cool: And it is a pretty striking color combination and the first new Ruby Red with stripes I have seen. And with the all important convenience option, well....deposit made!

It was also manufactured well after the production time window that the oil line problem cars were produced, but still having the service manager there personally sign off that he checked this issue.

Out with '18, in with '17.
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Nice choice! I love my Ruby Red Shelby too!
Congrats and that's what it's all about is choices !!!!!
congrats on your new purchase from the Daytona area.
Congrats and that's what it's all about is choices !!!!!
Yes, and sometimes one needs to be a bit flexible. I really wrestled with this because there was also a new White with Blue stripes and convenience package in the DC area. When I was a little kid, a guy in the neighborhood had one of the original White with Blue stripes Shelby, maybe a '66...

I was curious as to whether or not a table breaking down '17 production by colors, option codes, is, or will become available?

ShelbyQuest18, I was trying to do the very same thing, order an 18 with the convenience package but was hit with the $10K ADM and the fact that the 18 year production will stop at year end 2017 then not resume until the April'18 timeframe, which means longer wait and fewer cars being built. So I settled on a 2017 that my dealer had ordered in early July and it just arrived this past Sat. I had also heard that Ford significantly underestimated the demand for the convenience package option and cars ordered with the convenience package were taking a looong time to arrive. Suspect that put off dealers from even ordering many with the convenience package. Here in SoCal when I was searching I may have found 1 out of 45 2017 GT350's on the various lots....

I'm in my later 50's and the Recaros are comfortable and fit well. I'm about 180lbs and can see they might be tight for larger folks but for me they fit just right. Takes a bit of practice learning to slip in an out of the seats when you are parked in a tight space and can't open the door all the way but very manageable. I may regret them later, but for now kind of happy I ended up with the Recaros as they fit the "personality" of this car perfectly.

By the way, congrats on your new 2017, is it in yet or still on the way? Pic please :)
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