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Just picked it up!

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2017 White with Blue stripes !

My first Mustang, always have had Chevy's - my last being a twin turbo C6 vette.

I swear I'll leave it stock, except the shifter.

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what's your first impressions? Personally, I don't find the shifter problematic. I have not hesitated to change the shifter in my other vehicles.
Enjoy the car and drive it like you stole it
Hi guys & gals. I have my 2016 oxford white with blue stripes almost 3 weeks now and thought i would check out this forum. Im from the PA area. Always looking for info/tips and hints about these astonishing machines.
welcome VooDoo What is your impression so far?
My impression is quite good of the site. I like the input of different posts and topics.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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