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JLT GT350 Oil Catch Cans For Sale...

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Hi to all,

I recently purchased a 2016 GT350, and even though I haven't driven it much (1200 miles in three months) I have purchased some minor upgrades. One of those was a set of the JLT oil catch cans for the GT350. I installed them however a couple of weeks later noticed JLT had manufactured a newer version that was slightly bigger with a different filter. I had used the JLT system on my 2012 Boss 302 and it worked very well. I received the newer and more expensive version last week, and installed them on the car. However I noticed the hoses were identical, and since I was going to sell the first set, I might as well just keep the hoses I have and sell the catch cans with all new hoses. I in fact have replaced three of the four lines because one is so tight even my hardcore self wasn't able to remove it without a vise, so I decided to leave it in place.

So the kit I am selling has less than 500 miles on it, has all new hoses except one, and I have included the newer bracket that came with the new cans since it fits, as well as the brand new hardware and stickers, instructions. The newer version sells for $139 each, while the previous version sells for $119 each. The only side that had any oil at all was the passenger side. The driver side had absolutely nothing in it. So I am offering the left and right cans for $210 including shipping. That saves you somewhere around $40 or so depending on where you are located. I have attached photos as well. If you have questions please contact me at '[email protected]' as I don't have an opportunity to check the forum very often. Thank you for your interest.




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Are these available?
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