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Interior Control Differences Question

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Both are GT350s but one has more options than the other and I just thought they all offered the trigger to quickly set the exhaust valves. Why is this one missing?

2017 model Opt 1 (best)

2017 model Opt 2 (why is it missing)
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first pic is a 2016 model I believe.
the second is from a 2017 - which is the one that I have.
anyone else ?
I thought they were both 2017 models. How do you adjust the 2017? Through the speedometer gauge? If the above is true does that mean the 2016 model offered it both ways through the speedometer and through the switch at the bottom?
The additional switches are only on the 350 with the touch screen. If you have a 16 track pack car or a 17 without the electronics package you won't have the additional switch to control the exhaust
Ah not true on the 17. If you have the convenience pkg. you also have the additional switch to control the exhaust. Only difference at all between the convenience pkg. and electronic pkg. on the 17 is the seats. I believe but not positive that if you got the basic 16 you may not have the switches.
You are correct that the only difference between the convenience pkg and electronic pkg are the seats. If you have a base vehicle with out either pkg it is not equipped with the addition switches. Check the picture under opt 2 with out the switches and it has the base radio without the touch screen. I ordered my gt 350 this way because I didn't want the extra electronics
I bottom one is a 2016 base or track pack car and perhaps a 2017 base car. The steering, shock and mode settings and all located in the right side steering wheel buttons. The exhaust setting is in the track apps controlled by left side steering wheel buttons and displayed on center dash screen.
Okay, so essentially it can still be adjusted through the console or the additional buttons. Just trying to understand so when I pull the trigger on my I can truly understand the value of what I'm paying to own.
I made a post about this a while back. I also realized the difference but it was after I bought the car, and it isn't a significant factor to me. I have a 2017 gt350 base line, not one single option added, because trim packages are worthless to me. If it doesn't make the car perform better, I don't want it. So it that regard, I also noticed that the Launch Control button was available on the dash, but other people had a exhaust button there. It would appear to me that it is a symptom of getting the upgraded deck/radio/premium, whatever that package is.

I think the better question is, why the hell they put Launch Control down there instead of Exhaust Mode. I will never use that Launch Control, and the GT350 is not a drag car, so it begs the question why the hell they thought it was a good idea? I am currently trying to discover if there is a way to re-map the functionality of the button from Launch Control to Exhaust Mode, so I don't have to navigate menus every time I turn on my car to flip open the exhaust. I like to be a good neighbor and use the quiet mode late at night or early morning, and a button for Exhaust Mode is much more practical in that location than stupid LC.
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