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I have 16 GT Premium, always wanted a gt500. but would I be wasting my money as a....

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It won't let me edit the title, but I am referring to the Gt350.

Obviously its all about the engine and amazing suspension as the insides are about the same. i Paid $36,000 for my GT premium, and love it, as its my everyday driver 18,000 miles ont it).

I found a 2016 GT350 Group 900a with the technology package for $57,000. I will never take it to the track or anything like that. Just drive to work and have fun on the roads if you know what I mean.

For what I would be using if for, am i really going to get the extra $20,000 out of it that my GT already does

If anybody here has done the jump from the GT to the GT350 i would love to hear there opinions

Also, first time poster, so quick hi to everybody here.
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Your post has me confused.

Jump from a GT to a GT350 or a GT500??

I have both, a 2017 GT350 and a 2014 GT500...the GT500 is on the block for sale now.
Go from a 2016 GT Premium to a 2016/2017 GT350. Obviously Gt350 is one of the greatest cars every built in my opinion, especially for the price, but am I going to notice the extra $20,000 to upgrade from the GT to GT350. It will just be my every day driver, and would probably never see a mile on a race trace.
If you can afford it buy the 350, you will not regret it. It handles like a sports car but the sound of the flat plane crank is intoxicating.
I say go for a GT350. . . only thing is that $57k is a little high for a 2016 tech pack imho.
That was the jump I made too, my daily driver is now a 2016 GT350 and haven't regretted it once since upgrading from a GT premium, both are great cars for what you are looking for, but the GT350 does it so much more effortlessly.
After hearing the overheating issues for people that do take it to the track with the technology pack. I am not racing it, but I do live in Texas where it gets hot, should I only consider the 16 track pack or just go with a 17. I have not seen much response from people with the technology pack if they are seeing the same limp issues as the ones on the track.

thanks guys for the info so far.
I would go with the track pack for 16 or a 17. They can be had for sticker now if you are willing to travel a little ways to pick one up. The 17's all have the coolers so it is a matter of if you want heated and cooled seats or racing seats that are only manually adjusted.
Get the 350 you wont regret it. I had a 13Gt500 with PP and as amazing as that car was it doesn't hold a candle to my 16GT350. You can do so much more with the 350 without worrying about losing control. And hearing that Voodoo rev and rev and rev is addicting.

The over heating is way overblown.
Coming from a 750 hp 07 GT500 the GT350 is superior. If you can take the payment and price jump its the best car I have ever owned

As others have said this car was designed to be on the track. It handles like its on rails and the brakes will give u nose bleeds. I never use to speed on the interstate
but now its a common occcurance. ITs so hard to keep the car at low speeds ..... it wants to be unleashed and run hard

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