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How many miles per year are you projecting?

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this is a daily driver for me.....probably around 30 - 40K
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Don't have my ride yet but won't be my daily driver. Not sure how addicting it will be once I drive it so will keep you updated once I pick up the Beast.
I have had mine since mid November and had good intentions of keeping it stored till after hunting season and the winter here. Well I can tell you once you start driving a GT 350 you really don't want to stop driving it. It is a fun car to drive and I still get it out every nice day we get. I still plan on keeping it that way so I would say around 3K miles a year. That's a goal I will probably change come summer.
My GT350 is my backup DD, I would be surprised if I put more than 6K miles per year driving on the street.
Now the track miles could be a different story.
Won't be my daily driver for sure but will still see at least 5,000 miles a year. I love my Sunday morning drives and here in North Texas they can usually be enjoyed year round.
The widespread use of salt during New England winters will keep my 350 off the road from first snow in the fall to approximately May 1st each year- estimate I'll put between 3,000- 4,000 per year til death do me in.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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