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Homelink Garage Door Access

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Hi all,

Has anyone been able to program and use all 3 garage door buttons? I was able to program one and the other 2 state their "programmed" but do not do anything at all. About my configuration, I have 2 different garage door motors. One is a genie and does not appear to work and another is some other brand I can't recall. The other brand works fine and is dialed on button 1. The other motor brand (genie) is dialed "attempted" on 2 and 3 which both do no work. It says it's programmed tho...

Is the homelink in our cars only able to recognize one brand and now a mixture of two different brands? Is this a bug or something completely on another spectrum?

Any advice will help and feedback on what you've experienced.
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I have all three of mine programmed; two are to gate controllers (basically a garage door transmitter/receiver) and one to a garage door opener. The two types of receivers are rolling Code but entirely different generations. I know that generations of HomeLink can’t sometimes be programmed for newer receivers. My 05 Corvette Home Link could not talk to the newer generation of receiver when I changed my gate transmitters. And the new factory Apollo gate openers came with a transmitter/receiver that was completely out of the Home Link frequency range. IIRC, you can go on the Home Link site and check compatibility; I think I ended up emailing them about my gate openers and they confirmed that they wouldn’t work with the system I had.
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