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Hello !

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My name is Bob Marco and I just discovered this site. I am awaiting delivery of a Magnetic GT 350 which was produced during the week of 11/16. Bought the car on auction from a dealer in Missouri on EBay. I live in AZ; local dealer markups (Las Vegas) were obscene (2x MSRP for a GT 350R). I had sold an 04 Lightning to help finance the car, was upset when I heard about the markups, gave up on buying one until I saw the auctions. Always a big Ford fan, still have a '94 Lightning and a '90 Bronco. Also big motorcycle enthusiast; broke into the 200 mph club at Mojave, CA a couple of years back on a Hayabusa. Look forward to making contacts on this forum !
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Welcome to the Shelby GT350 Owners site! I sure hope Ford brings the Bronco back. I'd like to see a modern version of that SUV. What's your ETA on the GT 350?
Welcome Bob. Yes, the R markups seem astronomic, but the dealers seem to be reflecting demand. Some are way to greedy. A friend of mine offered Koons in Md $100,000. they passed. Car still not here yet as Koons will auction it off after it arrives.
Glad you found a 350 without crazy markups. Average overages go from $2500 - $10,000, The most I saw was $30,000 over.
Thanks, guys. Called dealer on Mon, still no word as to ETA. Was hoping I would have it before Christmas.
Nice! That will be a fantastic Christmas present to yourself!

Welcome to the site as well.
Welcome to the site from some motorcycle enthusiasts as well :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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