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Well I know everyone has heard of all the flooding here in Louisiana for the last week but I was spared flooding in my home and business. Unfortunately my Shelby was not as lucky in the storage unit I had it stored in. My wife and I was out of town on a fishing trip when we got word that there was flooding around the Baton Rouge area and it was getting bad. We attempted to get home but the Interstate was flooded and more road closures by the hour and still raining. I looked on Google maps and there was no way to get to the storage building to save my dream car so I could only pray it would not flood the unit. The was still several roads flooded on Wednesday but I was able to find a way to the storage building only to find a mud line about 30" up the door and knew the fate of my beautiful car. I could only stare at the door with my stomach in my throat and my knees shaking before I open the door and seen the dreaded site of water lines on the hood of the car. The car I read about for a year and talked about owning one day was a total loss and left me totally heartbroken and in a fuzzy daze still to this day. I can say I still feel blessed that my family and home were spared but this loss was hard to swallow for certain. I promise once the insurance claim is settled I will be looking at purchasing a 2017 Shelby GT350. I maybe the guy that will have owned a pair of Shelby's in a 12 month span ?????


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so glad you and your family are safe so sorry about your dream car
Keep us posted with your next adventure
Hello Venmus,
Thanks for sharing your story w us. Heartbreaking for sure but I'm glad you and your family are safe. Good luck w the insurance process and I hope you're able to find a good deal on a '17.
Yea it is tuff losing this car this way and makes me think maybe there was something different I could have done to change the out come but it's to late for that now. The car only had 5K miles on it and was just a joy to drive. Since I got the car last November I had taken it several car shows and it got plenty of attention. Since then I have spotted a couple other Shelbys in town but one of them was at a show in New Orleans. I will be looking for a new one once all the madness calms around here. I will keep everyone posted on my second purchasing ordeal.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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