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Head cylinder Temperature - thermostat issue ?

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Hi everyone,

I've had my car (2016 GT350 track pack) for 2 months now, and up to this morning the different working temperatures after proper warm-up were:
- Engine temperature 185-203
- Cylinder head temperature : 210-220 Fahrenheit (so around 20-30 degrees above engine temperature, and also showing higher figures earlier in the warm-up process than engine temperature gauge)
- engine coolant temperature gauge (located under tachometer) usually vertical (as far as I remember)

This morning, had an engine service indicator light, went to the dealer and we noticed that the system was detecting "low cylinder head temperature".
We restarted the system and the error message did not come back, indicating that everything was normal again.

Leaving the dealer, I noticed my engine nicely warmed up to regular figures, but the cylinder head temperature seemed to increase slower than usually, ending up in the same range as the engine temperature (both ended up around 192 Fahrenheit).
Similarly, the temperature gauge below the tachometer did not reach its vertical position and rather stayed in the first left quarter (seems cold to me)

As this car is pretty new to my dealer, we're not sure what are the usual/normal temperatures (did not see any reference on the owner's manual....)
Could you please share the temperatures from your cars in normal conditions:
- cylinder head temperature
- engine oil temperature
- coolant temperature (position of the needle...)?

Thank you very much!
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My GT350 consistently ran cooler than the numbers you list above. Head temp ran around 200 and oil temp rarely broke 190. I didn't know any better so didn't think much of it. Then after a night at the drag strip the temps dropped noticeably. Cylinder head temp was about 170 and oil temp about 180. The car ran like this for two days, then the 'Check Engine' light came on. The light stayed on for two days over the weekend so I took it in. The dealer verified the codes, then replaced the thermostat and temp sensor. In hindsight, the temp sensor was probably fine. The thermostat had failed open (or at least open farther than it needed to be). Since getting the car back, cylinder head temp is in the 215 - 220 range, with oil temp around 210. Those temps vary depending on speed and ambient temperature, but represent the 'norm' for the car now.
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