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Happy Birthday to me! New 2015 GT350

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Today is my birthday and was able to purchase a new 2015 Gt350. Blue with white stripes. Can't wait to get it here and get it in my garage next to my CSX
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Congratulations. 2015's are in short supply. That should be a keeper.
It will be a keeper for a very long time indeed!!!
Happy Birthday and Congratulations! Great present! From your Member name, it is safe to assume your Chassis Number is F0134?
No, Revans is my first initial+last name and 134 is part of my email. Mine was #136 of the 137 made
Got it. Again, congrats! Awesome car! I also have a 2015 - #0082.

In this Forum under "News" is a thread called "2016 GT350 Production Numbers". In here they have a complete summary of the 137 2015 GT350's posted. Kinda cool to review.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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