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GT350 Track Attack

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Present and future owners! Check out!:D
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Whooo, signed up and ready to rock and roll...

So who lives in the greater Salt Lake City area that can put us up for a couple of days? Anyone know of a cheap flight from New Hampshire?!
Does anyone know the schedule of events for the first and optional second day ? Cost of second day ?
I believe 2nd day is $1500. Go to or call Ford Perf. for more info.
Talked to Tommy with Ford Performance at the track yesterday. Said the 2nd day is $1895. Also stated the 2nd day is in Boss 302's. Given the cost and the vehicle I am giving 2nd thought to electing that option.
The second day is both, 1495 and 1895, it is 1495 for the standard car and 1895 to upgrade the car to the boss 302 race car. I chose the latter, I mean it's just four hundred dollars extra, and I don't want to go and then be upset because I didn't get the best experience possible.
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I'd like for people to post what days they are going. I'm planning on coming up to this and maybe we can meet up.

I've heard from multiple people that the 2nd day is well worth the money. I sold a truck to the guy who put the transmissions in the race cars and am trying to get a day to go with him up there.
Attending 5/2-3. Optioned for 2nd day in Boss 302.
I am scheduled for the Utah track May 10-11, 2016. I am on the wait list for the event in Atlanta, Ga.
Nice! I want to buy a GT350 just so I can go do that :)
You don't need to, you can be the guest of someone who owns one.

If you're a guest, you can't drive the Shelby. You have to pay about $1600 to drive a track prepped 2015 GT Mustang. You only drive the Shelby if you purchased one.
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