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GT350 question / track

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Hello everybody

sorry for my bad englisch. :rolleyes:
im from switzerland.
I do not know if there is already a similar thread.

I have a question.
How are the experiences on the track? Brakes etc.

I know it is not important with the gt350, but what does it consume on the track? Over 40l/100km?

Thank you for your help =)

regards duratec
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Brakes are outstanding on the track--nothing to be concerned about. If your second question has to do with fuel consumption on the track, I can't give you an exact number, but it is more fuel efficient than my 2009 GT 500 on the track. But then, I didn't buy either car for fuel economy. The car handles very well on the track and appears to be well balanced and stable at speed. Use your gear choices to keep the rpm's in the desirable range and it will pull hard exiting the corners. Good luck
oversteer the car lightly ?
Or has it a very good grip in the curves?

(sorry for my bad englisch :( )
Duratec, don't apologize for your English--you don't want me to try your preferred language! Grip is very good and more balanced than the ShelbyGT500"s. The weight bias is still towards the front and there is more of a tendency to understeer rather than oversteer. I have driven the GT350's at the the GT 350 Track Attack and they put more negative camber in those cars than the street cars primarily for tire wear. That being said, the GT 350 supplemental manual, offers suggestions for alignment if you want to track the car. They also say, return to "stock" values or you will experience excessive tire wear. Back to the point I was trying to make, I have not experienced any significant tendency to oversteer---unless you ignore the understeer condition and as you slow and the fronts regain their grip, you will experience oversteer (trailing throttle oversteer) Enjoy
The GT 350 does fine on the track. Some observations:
Brakes are good, but they can show signs of heat issues. They aren't carbon ceramic, but they are very good and generally adequate on the track. You will have to be mindful of heat buildup, but the brakes are good.
Understeer. You have to beg the front end to tuck in on a flat, tight turn. Even with trail braking, the front is hard to tuck on the flat, tight turns. I'll look at the anti-roll bars before my next track day. Alignment helps, but it needs more. Don't take this wrong, for a front engine car with this chassis architecture, it is very, very good, and a blast to drive. It requires some finess to turn in, but exiting turns under power the 350 is incredible. It puts the power down very well.
Fuel consumption on the track was 6 mpg of expensive 98 octane Sunoco. My rough conversion is about 39L per 100 km.
Most of all, take the car to a track. Drive it. Love it.
Thank you guys, for all this infos :)

6 mpg for a 5.2l v8, track use.... is absolutely okay :cool:
another question....

yesterday I've seen two of them with track pack.
Have they a aux (audio) connection? Or is it possible to play audio from the phone via aux / usb adapter??
use the USB adapter there is no 1/8 th inch plug like on some of my other Fords but my GT350(track package) has two USB ports
Duratec, looks right to me
give it a go and let me know how it works

Has no one tried to connect the phone with a cable?
Have finally got my car :D

What PSI (Tyre) do you recommend for Road use? (For the best performance.)

start with factory pressures for road use. When you go to the track, monitor your pressures in real time on your information center. Adjust accordingly. If you remove
you wheels for any reason, the torque setting for the lugs nuts is 150 lb-ft
this is the question...
what are the factory values ? :)

Did not find anything in the guidance.
I found the sticker :)

32psi front and rear.

Is it the same with you?
I see this is an old post, but figured I would give a reply.

32psi is the recommendation for regular driving. I believe the manual says 28psi on the track.

After 15,000 miles keeping the cold tire pressure at 32psi (factory recommendation), the rear tires needed replaced. No track driving, but certainly lots of fun! The front tires were both very worn on the insides to the point cords were hanging out and the centers of the front tires had about 5-6/32 of tread left. There are some other posts about alignment on here that are helpful but I don't think the factory alignment setting is good for daily driving with maximal tire life. Just my opinion.

I attended the GT350 Track Attack event in Utah which was my first experience on the track. I remembered to reset the trip meter and started out at 7.5mpg for the first session and 6.3mpg on my last.
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