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GT350 Noob Questions

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Okay so I'm sure most of these have been answered, I just started diging into this forum, and I'm at work so feel free to link me, or point me in the right direction.

1. I have a 2016GT350 with the Tech package, I'm trying to find if there is a way to access the "mycolor" feature? or is that only a GT thing?

2. I have to have winter tires here, can someone recommend a brand and type, or a great all season tire?

3. I read the thread on the Clutch spring, and Would most say it is a must to get and install?

4. My terrain, is city, mixed with rolling hills.... What would be a good setting for the steering and the traction? ( I know its what feels best for me, but something to start with)

5. Car Care, What do you recommend, keep in mind, I cannot wash my car in the driveway here in Germany like we do back home (laws are very hard on the chemicals)

thanks for feedback
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1. I don't know.
2. I like Continental but you may have trouble finding similar sizes. Narrower would work but our brakes are huge so make sure you get wheels that clear the calipers.
3. I left mine alone and it is fine for me. The Steeda spring is cheap and an easy install. Check their website.
4. I would leave it on Normal and just turn the exhaust to Sport. You can experiment but with the torque this car can bite you if your not careful.
5. With all the aero bits underneath this car as well as the wide tires, we are not supposed to take these cars through automatic car washes. What do you guys typically do there in Deutschland?
1. mycolor is a gt thing.
2. Live in west Texas so no winter tires needed, sorry.
3. changed to Steeda spring. I like it a lot, but not an absolute
4. Not Track mode for sure unless you have skills, as in racing.
5. Can you get waterless car wash similar to what Chemical Guys sells. I don't think they are able to export, but may be something available over in EU.
1. I believe it is a GT thing
2. spend 500 Euro and buy a winter car..
3. I am curious of this as well.
4. this is going to vary on individual.
5. not sure if you are military or not but all city's have the wash platz,as do most bases, and products similar to chem guys foam are available.
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