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Gt350 lowering springs

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Has anyone already lowered the shelby?
Did not find anything in the search...

I have found only that:

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FRPP is coming out with a set but I dont think they are available.

I would love to put a set on ... I love lowering springs but I'm afraid it make the car to low and cause damage to the splitter since I drive my car as a daily driver

Originally it is too high, if you view the car from the side.

So would be perfect for me :cool:

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sharp looking car !!

I would like to lower mine also but worrie about hitting every bump or going into driveways. Also what effect would it have on the stock setup ?
Hello all, I have been on the track a few times now and am also wondering if the lowering springs will have some handling gains as stated on the Ford Performance website. If anyone has track experience before/after with these springs please share. I contacted Ford Performance recently and inquired about spring ratings etc but they would not share a single piece of information beyond what is stated on the website, so much for promoting sales. The only thing they would say was "That information is proprietary." Thanks for the lack of help poor salesman!
Hello all, I made the purchase and will receive the springs next week Sept. 10 2019. I will have these installed prior to my next track event with Audi club at VIR Nov. 9-10th. I'' be sure to put in my two cents and evaluation after then. Might even make a youtube review as there really is nothing out there about before/after critique.
Ford Performance Lowering Springs are incredible - my Blown 2018 machine splitter sits just 2.8 inches off the pavement in the garage - Fender clearance is .5 inch clearance on the front with 315 Michelin and .75 rear with 325 Michelin Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle
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Currently installed:
FP lowering springs
BMR front and rear sway bars
BMR front chasis brace
Scott Drake's adjustable front sway bar end links
BMR Jacking rails
Rear billet aluminum vertical links
Soon to be installed is the BMR cardle lock out kit and Scott Drake's adjustable rear sway bar end links
The R and Base springs are the same height.

An R is about 1/4 inch shorter because it has 30 aspect ratio tires, which are 1/2 smaller diameter than the base 35 aspect ratio tires. The width of the tire (305 vs 325) has no bearing on height.

If you want to lower the car, use the FP lowering springs. They lower the car 8/10th an inch and provide better track performance. That’s why they are used on the FP350S.

I put them in my base a year ago and love them for both daily and track.

They provide a very similar feel for normal daily road conditions but they have a variable rate and stiffen quickly in turns, in addition to lowering the car 8/10ths, which is why they perform better than the base/R springs on track.
Well said Rob - they were easy to do and after a few days of settling down, it's one of those things that you ask - why didn't hey just do this form the start?
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Well said Rob - they were easy to do and after a few days of settling down, it's one of those things that you ask - why didn't hey just do this form the start?
That's like asking why Ford did not put oil catch cans from factory. Short answer is, we are willing to spend additional money as an after-stock replacement. Ford makes more money!

So, as previously mentioned, I put the springs on and went to the track at VIR as well as with Michelin Cup2s. Both a very worthy investment but not if you plan to use as a daily, regular street driving or non-track events.

Steeda makes a great lowering spring for the magna ride. I used them in my 2019 Ford Bullitt it's a 1in drop. It rode smooth on the street
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