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GT350 Exhaust

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I have a 2017 GT350. It had 104 miles (currently at 1900) when I got it from a Porsche dealer (previous owner traded in to get a 911 or something).
I use it as my daily driver, It was sitting in my garage for 4 days as I was outta town and was expecting it to roar on cold startup but surprisingly was a very quiet start. I noticed that it doesn't sound like it used to, exhaust feels muffled in sport/regular mode and there's not much unusual activity to relate the root cause. I had a buddy of mine ride with me and he immediately noticed the change. Its pretty annoying to hear a low muffled exhaust when your ears were trained to hear the loud roar until few days ago. I don't know where to begin with especially coz I got the car from a non ford dealer, I guess I have to look around for a local ford dealer (with good service reviews) to help diagnose but meanwhile wanted to post here to get some insight. I would appreciate any help, thank you !
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If you start it as soon as you push the clutch to the floor, it will be raucously loud, then get quiet as the exhaust valves close. If you wait a few seconds for the exhaust valve self-test to complete, it will start up in "normal" mode, and be quieter.

Every time the car starts, with the exception of the cold-start trick mentioned above, it resets to normal mode. You have to set the exhaust to sport mode, or set the whole car to sport mode, anew each time.
I traded my 2009 911 C4S for my new 350.
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