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Greetings from Southern Ontario, Canada

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Just an introduction and how I decided on the GT350. I've been a Subaru fan for a while now and was looking for a new car it had to be manual and they are hard to come by these days. I was going to buy the Subaru WRX but found out my butt didn't like the seats. I was never a fan of American cars, but in my youth ie. mid eighties had a 1984 Mustang GT. I heard Ford finally got rid of the live axle in the rear and the new look was growing on me. The intention was to buy a GT but then discovered the GT350. I did a lot of research and thought wow this car sounds impressive (no pun intended). I found out the 2017 price went thru the roof over 2016 models. I know why now. I found a high volume Ford dealer that had 4 - 2016 and 3 - 2017. The pictures don't do it justice. Once I saw in real life, I knew I had to have one. I settled on a 2016 Black Shadow no stripe pre-configured
with Teck package. I don't plan on tracking the car, love the creature comforts. Timing is everything, I happen to go to this dealer just before they were going to have a sale, with a little dealing I ended up getting the car for about $5000 less than sticker. I've been reading, in California they are marking up the price way over MSRP which is not right.

I picked up the car on August 5th. First impressions, this car loves the winding roads, I can't describe how good it is. The acceleration is unreal.

My only disappointment, I had to return the car to the dealer for fitment issues. The cold air intake grill was not seated in the front bumper correctly. Dealer fixed that. Also the rear bumper had a gap at the seams just below the tail lights. They were able to tighten it up to a certain point. Other GT350's they had, had the same fitment issues with the rear bumper.

Aside from that, look forward to driving this car every weekend and putting a smile on face.
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