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Great Ford Dealer

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If you are in Florida the largest Ford dealer is Brandon Ford . I purchased my 350 from them and they have a huge dealership which specializes in only Fords . They are the largest volume Mustang dealer in Florida and according to my salesman Lyle Herb they have a large allocation of 350 GT 's and 350 GTR's. According to Lyle they have 5 GTR's coming in , I'm not sure how many 350 GT 's . My car was the first delivered. Give them a call. Also based on Cargaru's tracking the number of 350,s avail at dealers is increasing daily.
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Do you know how much over MSRP they are asking?
$15000 over to start, they have 2015 50th Anniversary white automatic which is avail at list or maybe discounted. They have 5 350R's allocated but I believe they are reserved . Jon Gruen has one of them.
parks ford Wesley chapel, fl has white with blue stripe track package in show room now, 5,000 over msrp
Lyle was mistaken. They had a total of 5 350s, not 5 Rs. All taken.

I ordered one of the last 2020 GT350's and had a great experience.

we live in California and highly recommend;

Diana Wade, Whitmoyer Auto Group
Mount Joy, PA 17552
717 653-8183
[email protected]
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