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GR 323 is in da house!

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It would be in the den, but not enough room, so it's in the garage. Arrived 10 am yesterday. Pix to follow.

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I bet it wouldn't take too long to clear out that den. Congrats!
White, stripes. Can't drive yet as they are having trouble with clearing the suspension error even after following SSM 45780.

Anyone have this issue? Fix?


What is a GR323 ... Is zat a tipo fo GT350 ?
GR 323 is G (2016 in Ford parlance) R model # 323 of approx 500 made for 2016. AFAIK, no one has a definitive # on how many "street" and Rs have been built for 2016 - if anyone does, please chime in! I have seen R plates as high as 499, and street plates over 5000, but they don't use every #, and some were built and not available to the general public.

H would be 2017, F was 2015, etc.

I took delivery of 2017 R model # HR 071 on August 5th. It had the suspension code problem too, but disconnected battery and error has not returned.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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