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Hello guys, I am currently having a local shop build my 2017 GT350. I am hoping for north of 700 to the wheels but more importantly i want a reliable tune.

Power Mods:
2.9L Gen 3 Whipple
Stainless Works Headers
Corsa Double X Pipe and Mufflers

So I do have a quick Question ... it seems like the guys at my local shop are having issues with the knock sensors going crazy, | NOTE: the motor was stock minus a Plug & Play Full Bolt On Lund Tune from a SCT Tuner | So being that this is the only shop to modify the motor it should be less stressful figuring out where the knock may be coming from... Any suggestions are extremely helpful and thanks in advance!
I am having trouble uploadig pics ... any help with that would be appreciated (i am using a mac, maybe that has something to do with it??)

Knock sensors are pretty dump. Their just a Peizo element that reacts to high frequency vibrations (makes a small electrical output that raises as vibrations increase). If you say that both banks are acting weird, I would be looking at the output of both bank sensors using a PicoScope. This can give a better picture on when the sensors are picking up vibration. Think global if it’s both banks. Read around on this site and others, heard of similar issues like yours on other posts. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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