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FS: Signature Wheel SV502 Track Series

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Set of new Signature Wheel SV502 Track Series currently up for grabs. These are brand new, ready to ship, and no wait time. These are a square rotatable setup designed for street and track use. Benefits are the ability to run the same tire at all 4 corners to control tire wear and save on consumables. One of our lightest setups to date and also equipped with anti-slip bead knurling at all 4 corners. A 25mm front spacer and extended front studs are needed so the wheels/tires can be rotated front to rear. Below are all the specs and photos for your pleasure.​

Signature Wheel SV502 Track Series​
GT350 Fitment​
19x11 et50 Square rotatable​
Gloss Gunmetal​
20.8 lbs per wheel​
$4900 retail as equipped​
$3800 shipped​

Send me an email if you are interested.​
[email protected]

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So this is your 4th thread you've created on the same topic of selling your wheels?
This is not Craigslist, this is a shared information forum.
You could have gotten your product across in 1 post and not cluttered up our forum.
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I appreciate your concern. With my previous forum experience it is best to separate out the postings you are making so potential buyers have the ability to find information easily, and it is easy to update individual information specific to that item. I have a general information thread that posts weights, technical data, new releases, share customer cars, and answer general questions. The intent and purpose of that thread is not to sell individual items. Forum rules for topics in the general posting area are also not supposed to list items for sale as well.

The point of having paying vendors on the site is to bring you deals and information that you normally would not receive. I was asked by several of your members to come here and post up information that no other vendors have to date. I will continue to support the site by paying vendor fees, and answering questions that enthusiasts may have.

Thank You,
These wheels are SOLD
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