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Front Splitter Shelby lettering

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I have seen this in pictures on other cars and on ebay so I pulled the trigger and will be putting this on tomorrow

Havent done alot of mods to the car but my next mod will probably be the red brembo caliper swap


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I think I need to change up the Carbon Fiber for White? This is in shade.

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Agree, white would offer better contrast/be more visible...
The decals have done real good by me ....... Been on for close to 5 mths now and still in great shape.

Very happy with the look and surprising durability



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Got mine today going to put on this weekend and will post pics
Got the White, Better. The Guy on EBay from Canada is quick ship.

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Got mine installed today !!
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Looks good, I have the windshield banner decal you have, but not the front splitter lettering fill like you yet. Looks good I'll go for it.

About your caliper swap idea...I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this. It seems stupid to spend $1200 on an oem set when then afterwards you are left with your own oem unpainted cores lying on the bench.

So I've been reading and watching you tube videos on painting calipers, what to do with the brake lines while the calipers are off the car, bleeding brakes etc. It seems like such a pain. And painting them while attached is shoddy at best. Autofanatic will do it with core exchange etc. but he charges $1500 plus a refundable core fee. So with that you end up with painted calipers, no extra calipers lying around, but you literally paid someone $1500 just to paint the calipers....I'd rather spend $1200 and still have a set lying around.

I guess I'm asking what you're going to do with your cores when you do the swap for the red ones? I'm looking for some cores to paint and then swap with my car, then sell my cores. It would be cheaper than buying a whole new set of oem red ones...hopefully ultimately only the cost of the paint would be lost...
Because, leaving the calipers off while their being painted seems like a problem. Could take up to a week or more to do all the prep and layers/clearcoat etc. Then I guess I should be worried about air getting in the lines etc? And if I get air in the master cylinder then it's over apparently.

Thanks for your help! decals look great. Sorry for subject tangent
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like is there a place to quickly flip my oem gray cores? They have 4.6k miles on em
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