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As flimsy as these seemed when I put them on they have stayed put and no issues so both surprised and happy with my end product

Good post. A simple, elegant, appearance upgrade. The 3-M vinyl material may eventually get sandblasted in this vulnerable position - it's largely unavoidable - possibly why Ford elected to leave the splitter in its unadorned black state. We bought extra sets of decals for future replacement.

As for the color choice there are 3 coordinating options if you have stripes, body color, stripe color, and strips accent edge color. Also the matter of high contrast or low contrast with the black splitter.

Our Competition Orange GT350 with white stripes, supported either white lettering or orange lettering. In the end we chose orange because it was visible, but offered less contrast than the white. We're thinking your Race Red GT350 would also look great with red lettering, the white of course looks good.

Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Hood Grille

We used an X-ACTO knife to assist in positioning the lettering, but a small flat blade screwdriver tip would also work nicely as mentioned.

BTW the white windshield Shelby decal is functional in that it makes the radar detector less noticeable... This is a good read on The Drive re. the importance of radar detectors, of course a laser jammer where allowed, is also desirable... Why Radar Detectors Matter More Than Ever Why Radar Detectors Matter More Than Ever - The Drive


1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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