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Found A Problem...

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So not that there's many, but I have found a major flaw in this car! The vents on the front fender! That vent is fed from the opening/vent inside the front fender well. I noticed when detailing the car the other day, quite a bit of road grime and other contaminants. After cleaning, I noticed the recurring after each long drive. Finally figured it out that the road grime and such is feeding through the vent in the fender well, coming out the fender vent, and down the side of the car right in the indented area down across the door and tail! From a detailing perspective, it's annoying...but I guess I'll get over it. First world problems, I know ;-P
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I noticed a few tar spots in the areas that you described, now I know why. I'll add this to my list if things to clean after each long drive.
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