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Ford Limits Production For 2015 Shelby GT350; Only 37 GT350R Models To Be Built

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  • Ford to produce limited run of 2015 Shelby® GT350 to commemorate the nameplate’s 50th anniversary
  • 2015 Shelby GT350 comes with a unique 2015 VIN – the envy of Shelby enthusiasts everywhere
  • Limited run of 37 Shelby GT350R models to be built in homage to original GT350 competition model of 1965

In recognition of the 50th anniversary of the Shelby GT350, Ford will build a limited run of Shelby GT350 and GT350R Mustangs for 2015.

The original Shelby GT350, introduced in 1965, established Mustang’s performance credentials on racetracks around the world. The all-new Shelby GT350, featuring the most powerful naturally aspirated Ford production engine ever, re-establishes Mustang as a world-class sports car.

Only 100 Shelby GT350 models will feature a 2015 model year designation before production switches over to 2016. Of these, 50 will be equipped with the Technology Package and 50 equipped with the Track Package.

“Fans of the Shelby brand are among the most passionate in the automotive industry,” said Henry Ford III, Ford Performance marketing manager. “To honor the passion of our fans for Shelby GT350’s 50th anniversary, a limited run of GT350 models will be built in 2015; these cars will be highly coveted by both Mustang and Shelby enthusiasts alike.”

2015 Shelby GT350R: Celebrating 50 years of a pony car legend
In 1965, Carroll Shelby developed and sold an FIA-homologated Mustang called the Shelby GT350 competition model. This race-ready Mustang took to tracks around the world, competing in the most prestigious races and against the stiffest competition there was. In addition to winning the Sports Car Club of America’s B Production national championship in 1965, 1966 and 1967, the car entered races throughout South America and Europe, including the 1967 24 Hours of Le Mans.

There is heated debate among Shelby enthusiasts over how many 1965 GT350 competition models were built during the extremely limited production run. While Carroll Shelby insisted two prototype cars and 35 production models were built, most records show only 34 production models received serial numbers from the Shelby production facility.

For 2015, Ford will make sure there is no confusion about the number of GT350R models constructed; 37 cars will be built in Carroll Shelby’s memory.
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I have purchased shelby cobra GT350 Mustang deep impact blue with black stripes technology package Vin 0088 build date 7 20 15 finish date 8 8 15 eta November 11 portland oregon Donny Hulstrom paid 68 000 have window sticker
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Nice work! Please post up pictures of your new baby :)
When I first saw the projected annual production numbers for the GT350 I checked them against the Corvette production numbers so that I would get a better understanding of what those numbers meant. According to my calculations, Chevy will make about 11 Corvettes for every GT350 made. The GT350 production number is similar to the annual numbers of Boss 302 Mustangs that Ford produced. So, you are likely to see about as many GT350's in two years as you see Boss 302's today. With the exception of one Boss 302 in the neighborhood where I work, I probably don't see a single Boss 302 in a typical month.

This certainly begs the question as to whether Ford will increase production numbers on the GT350. After all, there is huge demand and this is probably Ford's only production car to regularly sell over MSRP. Ford certainly has a contract with Shelby to badge the GT350 and production numbers might be limited to what the contract specifies. And Shelby probably doesn't want to devalue its badge by having every other Mustang on the street wearing the Shelby badge. All of that could be the cause for the smaller production numbers. Also, at the current factory price and the amount of work that goes into this limited-production car, I don't think this car is making Ford much if any profit. Hopefully Ford will keep production numbers down. I only say that because I'm paying an arm and a leg over MSRP and seeing them selling at below sticker in 2017 would drive a stake into me.
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If they increase the production of the GT350 I don't think it will be by very much. I think it will be in high demand for a long time to come.
I forget which article I read it in, cause I've read every single article related to the gt350, but in one a ford representative stated that production "would be limited by demand". I'd bet production of these will be similar to the GT500s. 4000-5000 per year. Just speculation on my part.
Fords original plan for the GT350R was to build 500 per year, GT350 4000 per year thru 2019. That could change along with the demand based on the upgrades they add in the future. Also, whether or not this Voodoo engine stays with the Mustang.
I agree with most of whats been said on production. Very similar numbers to the Boss 302. I think pricing will certainly hold, question will be next summer will you be able to buy one at sticker ??
I am with BigPlanDan, we all hope numbers stay up. R cars will always be up there at atleast $25,000 - $35,000 over.
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