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First Shelby GT350 Into the 11's!!!

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Wow, that didn't take long!


"First 2015/2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Into the 11's!!! 11.96 et at 116.07mph Bone Stock at the ABM Nationals, Cecil County Dragway. Evolution Performance shop car with Nelson at the wheel. After a bunch of 12.1s and 12.0s they finally put it in the 11's. Only mod was tires."
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Thanks TX350...a lot of fun..your can really hear that initial bog in RPM in first gear until RPM's launch...Amazing our are cars are 4 seconds cars to 60, 55 in first gear...Torque torque torque.
That's a great time for a stock GT350! I can't wait to see what they end up putting down with some mods.
Better track prep and warmer weather and finding the sweet spot on the revs to leave at.
And we will see some good numbers posted.
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Great run, sticky track! With some gears I can see it running much better, just gotta get outta the hole a bit harder.
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