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"Field Service Action" (17B04) Complimentary Oil Filter Wrench

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Anyone else have this on their recall inquiry?

I just checked mine (I bought the car used a couple weeks ago) to ensure it'd already been through the recalls and mine has a pending "Field Service Action." Apparently it was updated on 17 October, so it's fairly new.

Everyone should run their VIN on the Ford website (owners section under recall). You might just be entitled to a free oil filter wrench.

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I got nine in the mail a few weeks after I bought the car.
If you have a 2016 or 2017 that was built before the 17's went to a canister oil filter and your the first time buyer you will receive this wrench and an oil filter by USPS. If you don't then call Ford performance with your vin number and they will trace it and as long as your the original owner they will see you receive it. Its not a recall. You will also get a new supplement manual and a letter that Ford covers there butt by saying under certain conditions of use you could use normally a quart of oil every 500 miles.
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