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I posted this in another thread but it went to the back of the line so maybe better here!

I am fairly new here but been on a ton of Cobra sites when I had one!
I have 2 questions:
1. Does anyone know if there truly is a chip that can be used to open up the horsepower to about 40+? I read all these sites that promise that and since I honestly can't deny it, I don't think one exists. True?
2. Can someone point me to where the reason for the development of the gt 350 is? I've heard it was to compete against the BMW M3. Hummm, Didn't think THAT car was really a competition.
thanks boys
1. Not sure if you are looking for a Ford released product for a hp increase, you can certainly get an aftermarket custom tune that will produce 30 - 40 more horsepower on 93 octane, there are a few good companies to choose from. Of course you run the risk of a warranty claim denial for any engine problems.
2. The GT350 is fairly unique and can compete with many high end foriegn and domestic track based cars. I never heard any souces that a BMW was specifically targeted.
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