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Factory Process To Turn A Mustang Into A GT350

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The first time I washed my 2017 GT350, I noticed the rear bumper cover did not fit well. I could plainly see the mounting tabs. Afterward, I was at the store and noticed a base model 2017 Mustang had a perfect margin on the rear bumper cover.

Ford has agreed to replace my bumper cover. I simply stated that my $70k Mustang should have a similar bumper cover fit to a $25k Mustang.

I stopped in at my Dealer's body shop and questioned the manager about the poor fit. I was told by him that the rear bumper cover is jerked off the car, modified to accept the GT350 rear diffuser, and then reinstalled. That got me wondering if any other things are done to the car after it has left the main Flat Rock assembly line. Does anybody have any info on that?
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That is total BS from your body shop manager. It is a well known fact that there are rear bumper fit issues on all models. A GT350 is built as a GT350, not a Mustang turned into a GT350. There is very little in common with the major components between the 2 models. The entire drive train, body from the A pillar forward, interior goodies, suspension and trim are different. Think about it . . . the factory doesn't turn a Mustang into a GT350, that's ridiculous!! And these cars are fully assembled at Flat Rock, nothing is done to them after they leave except get delivered.
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That just crazy to think they would do double work ??
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I appreciate the replies. I remember reading about how the Shelby facility in Las Vegas turns fully assembled Mustangs into their version of a Mustang, and so do Steeda and Roush respectively. I thought the GT350 was a factory car and that makes the poor fit that much more puzzling.

I traded in my 2014 GT on this car and I never had any body fit issues with that car.
I do agree that the GT Mustangs I've looked at the fascia is up snug at the seam.
I too have the passenger side rear bumper sag right out of the factory. Can see the tabs right through the gap. Can't imagine how QC let this pass. Could have started sagging during shipment....
Most of us have this problem and so far don't know of any one who has corrected it even as I did with a body shop that it didn't come back. The 2016 I traded for my 17 had a even worse gap right from the factory. Several theories of what to do and have done to no avail. I think if they would have left the tabs off there it wouldn't look so miss aligned rather just a little more spaced.
fir and finish isnt great on this car ..... same issue and my front hood on the passenger side the way it lines up with the passenger fender and the lower bumper assembly is almost a 1/2 inch off

From my expierence, no Manufacture has gotten composite bumper fitment right. Everyone is looking for tight body lines with <3mm gaps. This costs money (I.e. Porsche, Lexus etc.). I think Ford put a lot of time and money in building this car from the ground up (starts with upgraded ball joint bolts...) and body fit and finish was not as much a priority as was the Highest Normally aspirated engine Ford has ever built!
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