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Excited..16 GT350 on order.

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Looking forward to listening about all member's experience's etc. The 16 GT350 I have on order is my 9th Mustang including, my first 64.5 289 convt, 66 coupe, 69 428CJ, 70 Mach 1, 66 GT350R tribute, 66 GT350 Tribute, 2008 GT500 Convt., 2008 GT500 coupe. I didn't holf onto the 08's to long as I couldn't afford to dial in the suspensions.
After reading about the new GT350's I knew I had to try to buy one. I really cant afford it but I am 60 so a good time to do it.
Has anyone confirmed production numbers ?? I have read a total of 137, 32 R's
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Thanks Tx. Selfishly, I was hoping production would be less for 16 to keep our values up. Sorry about your Cowboys, well...maybe I am just being nice. I live in Eagles country.
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