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ECU Mapping Across the different driving modes...

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I was wondering if Ford programmed more aggressive ECU mapping in the different driving modes? While it "feels" more lively in sport mode than normal mode, cant tell it I'm just feeling the exhaust/steering/suspension changes. On my Carrera S and M3 when you choose the Sport or Sport + modes the ECU/ignition mapping is more aggressive...

Also, is the mapping the same between various Modes like sport mode as compared to Drag Strip mode?
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You would be surprised with what can be done with a little computer code change (different drive modes). When car manufactures realized that with a little change in ABS coding took your car from ABS Brakes to Trac Control, Brake Assist, Sway Control etc (and can charge you more...). Our cars are a mass of electronic controlled items that all can be tweaked (fuel control, valve timing, ignition control add shocks). I’m yet to experiment with drive modes, I’m too in love with my foothill drives with exhaust in performance mode with windows down. :cool:
LOL, Jim I hear your!! This car is so aggressive (even in normal mode with just the sport exhaust enabled) that I forget to even put it into Sport (or other modes) sometimes...was kicking it up a bit the other day and wasn't even in Sport mode...that Sport exhaust is addictive!!
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