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Definitive production numbers for Street and R cars

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Does anyone have any definitive production #'s for 2016? Not looking for rumors or hearsay.

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ford perf. said 4 to 5000....lower for the R....really thought the number would be lower, hope it is
If these motors are hand assembled, how is it possible to build 4 to 5000 in one model year? Not meaning to be wise, just can't see how that is possible.
I ordered my car pre-production mid december 2015. The stock manager said he would probably call me around beginning of January for the final order. It is now going on mid February with no response. So---at this rate I cannot see production over 3000 this year. Just my opinion.
I found this on Facebook! It shows production numbers for each option and color.
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The spreadsheet in the above post is 2 weeks old now. I know there were no Rs built in the last 2 weeks, but street cars were, I just don't have a count.

The GT500 motors were "hand assembled" also and there were nearly 11,000 of them sold for MY 2007 as well as some ordered and sold thru the Ford Performance Parts Catalogue. Be absolutely certain that Ford can build 60 some thousand dollar Mustangs faster than the public would ever consume them.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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