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Has anyone seen the FordPerformance track attack gt350's decals? I think they're pretty awesome. Anyone know where to get these or some similar. Would like real decals for track instead of masking tape or window chalk.

Thoughts and opinions on sporting some track decals if you're driving street and track.


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They have smaller ones at the Ford Racing School in UT.
The smaller ones are in the goody bag, I think the OP is looking for the billboards. Anyone happen to notice that the 20 or so track cars they have are almost all 2 digit units?
they had larger one at the front desk but wasn't the size I think people are seeking. I think I will call them Monday to see if they have the large ones or can get one.

I think some of the first cars were sent out to the school for their use before they were fully introduced to the public. They are well maintained
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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