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Daytona 24 Hour Next Week

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Posted some time ago hoping to get some fellow Shelby owners to meet up .at Daytona for the 24 hour event. Pretty much no response.My wife and I will be there with my SHelby starting next Friday. We have infield-pit passes and will be staying around 15 miles away at a hotel on the beach. Hit me up if you are planning to go. Maybe we can get together for some BS, breakfast, dinner - whatever.

One of the guys who worked on my car will be providing support to one of the race Teams running the Continental Challenge on Friday. He has previously consulted with the Shelby IMSA TEam and has worked on a few street Shelbys out of his shop in Jacksonville, FL. I think the Team he is supporting is running a McLaren and an Audi RS3.
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Quick Update - Got a call into Ford Performance and my Ruby '17 will now be in the Mustang Corral at Daytona starting Friday afternoon. We will also get to run a lap or two on the track Friday evening with other corral participants. If you are there - stop by and say "hi."
Final Update. The Ford Performance Package was delivered via FedEx a few hours ago and though it costs a bit, seems like a lot is included. Corral parking, entry into a lot of cool areas, special events, meals, etc. I believe it also includes a lap or two on the track Friday evening. Weather looks good for Fri-Sat, not so much for Sunday. Not a big deal since we are returning home that day. If any of you ever decide to put the Daytona 24 on your calendar, you might want to check it out.
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