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Daytime running lights

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Anyone know how to configure the lights so that only the LEDs come on when in gear. The amber lights below the headlights are also coming on for me when in drive mode. I would prefer the lights to look like this photo:
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SV no idea but I'd be interested in just having the tr-bar LEDs as DRL's as well. Honestly, I had thought that's how they worked already. Will have to pay closer attention to newer stangs around town!
Does anyone have a EWD on lighting systems? It depends on how they deal with turn signal operation. Those amber lights may become switched to make turn signal indication (which would make it bad to disconnect).
Just saw switching LED bulbs for turn signal. Kit replaces bulbs in front turn signal with a bulb that burns white for DRL and will switch to Amber on turn request and flashes. Got these on a Camry SE an they work and look good.
Jim bet that looks sweet can you post up the bulb numbers ?
Jim bet that looks sweet can you post up the bulb numbers ?
Voodoo, check out the bulbs at CJ Pony Parts, they retail for $74.99 and will be one of my early mods as well. Not sure I can "properly" post a link but here goes...
I have a 2020 GT350 and installed the Opt7 Arrow Turn Indicators. They look good, nice white light, like a fog light, then when you use your turn indicator they go amber and do a sequential flash like the tail lights.

Now the downside I'm working thru. They work fine when the engine is off, they work fine with parking lights on, they work fine when headlights are on, but they don't work in the day time with the lights either in Off Mode or on Auto in the Daylight.

Contacted Opt7 and they sent me an LED Decoder to install in the light (Front Bumper Removal Again, argh..). I'm also educating myself about Forscan to see if I can recode the BCM to have this light on all the time and thus (Hopefully) work in the daytime.

The crazy things we do trying to personalize our cars. Like thinking the map light housing just pops right off so I can install some $15 LED map lights. Wrong, in the 2020 model they use these crazy clips and the map housing breaks before it releases, thanks YouTube Video Guy. So just add $240 for a new map housing to the $15 LED map lights and you have yourself a winner! This causes my wife's eyes to roll when she see's this in the garage. "What was wrong with the existing lights in the first place?"
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I don't remember where I read it, but on one of the forums someone was mentioning that they have to turn on DRL to be legal in Canada. The way it was explained it was almost like a Ford dealer in Canada can do something to turn it on. ??? Just thinking out loud.
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