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CYAZ06 is in the house

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Hi Gents,

Purchased my Shelby GT350 in June. Chassis #5159. Shadow Black with White Stripes. The most capable Ford Mustang I have ever purchased off the floor. In fact, you don't have to mod this car much. Past cars include a 1997 SVT Mustang Cobra, 2003 SVT Cobra (modded to the nuts with all hardcore MM suspension. Every bit of it). I still own a 1993 SVT Cobra - The Teal Terror (Agent 47 SLA, Griggs Racing World Challenge suspension form the bulkhead back, Torque arm, Watts Link, etc, etc).

I have over 300+ track days under my belt, I am an Instructor for 5 different schools, and have been building these cars for years. This platform is exceptional though. Lowest mods list I have ever put together.

1. MGW Shifter
2. Ford Performance Air/Oil Seperators
3. Jacking Rails
4. Hood Struts
5. 34 lb Clutch spring

That's it!

Enjoy your cars gents. These are good times!


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I am only at 100+ days on the track but I agree with you about the capabilities of this car. Have the oil/air separators on already and I don't mind the clutch the way that it is. May change the shifter but other than that, it is a dream on the track
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