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oh boy, I was searching ebay today to see if any new gt350s popped up and there is an auction to order a new one @ MRSP. Some of the comments were pretty funny. I guess some people can't fathom the idea of paying over MRSP for a vehicle or just don't understand the purpose of the auction.

Q: Dose the car have a problem Sep-23-15
A: There is no issue with the car - This car has not yet been built. The winner of this auction wins the reservation to build and purchase this vehicle to their exact specifications. This auction again is for the Price OVER MSRP and will reserve this vehicle in their name. Since there is only 1 of these vehicle's available in our order allocation, we are looking to find the right buyer for the vehicle. Again the winner will ultimately be responsible for purchasing the vehicle at MSRP once the vehicle has been built. Thanks and please let us know if you have any additional questions. Once again, this auction is not for the vehicle itself - it is for reserving allocation and this auction is for price over MSRP.

Q: Y are u selling the car at a low price Sep-23-15
A: Thanks for your question. This auction is not for the car itself - this is for the 1 and only allocation available to build this vehicle. This is the price over MSRP for the vehicle. So this auction will reserve this 1 new Mustang GT350 build order for the buyer. The auction winner will be responsible for purchasing the vehicle at MSRP after it has been built. Let me know if you have other questions we can answer.

Q: What is the MRSP (STICKER PRICE)? Sep-25-15
A: Hi and thanks for your question. This auction is for OVER MSRP to have this vehicle ordered custom. These vehicle's are being produced in small numbers, so not very many will be built and available. So this auction is not for the actual vehicle purchase. The winner of this auction will be able to have the vehicle ordered specifically for them with the options they choose and will be responsible for purchasing the vehicle at MSRP after the order has been placed and the vehicle has been built. Since the vehicle has not yet been ordered, we do not know what the MSRP is. That will be determined based on the options and how the vehicle get's configured at time of order. The 2016 GT350's have a base starting MSRP of around $47,795. Starting MSRP excludes destination/delivery charge, taxes, title and registration. Optional equipment not included. I hope this information helps.

Q: How fast does that sweet ride go? Sep-25-15
A: I'm not sure exactly how fast it will go. We haven't had one to test out. But I'm sure it's pretty darn fast! It's got 429 lb.-ft. @ 4,750 rpm from the 5.2L FPC V8

Q: Is convertible an option for this ? Sep-25-15
A: Sorry Jeff, No there is not a convertible version of the GT350. Thank you for your question. Let us know how else we can assist. Brian

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