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If anybody is interested:

2000 R and 1995 R for sale. Pictures aren't available yet. Cars are located in middle Tennessee. Call 310.415.0887 with questions. Thanks for your interest.


2000 R
5,6xx miles; three-owner car; current owner since 2005
Bassani Side Exit Exhaust (OEM Borla included)
- X-Pipe with High-Flow Cats
- No Tune
- MIL Eliminator Kit
Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Kit
Steeda Short Shift Kit
Torsen LSD
5-Point Harness (Front Factory Seat Belts still installed)
Bolt-in roll cage (Black powder coat)
- Rear seat delete cover and side panels included
Stop Tech brakes - front (OEM Brembo Calipers included)
- OEM brake cooler hoses installed
Baer Rotors in the rear
Extra set of 2000 Cobra R wheels
Original vehicle binder
Original Window Sticker still on car; Service records

RH and LH Side Sills R&R due to previous owner jacking up car in the middle of the car. Gas gauge reads 1/2. This happened after replacement fuel cell bladder installed about 1.5 years ago (bladder replaced by Fuel Safe). Gauge reads accurate once level goes below 1/2 (needle moves towards empty). I think Fuel Safe changed the foam design and the arm is getting hung up after the cell is past 1/2 full. But, nobody there can tell me.

No accidents that I'm aware of. No cracks or bubbles in the hood like some owners have. Original intent was to track this car exclusively, however, due to time and moving residences, not much time. I've tracked the car three times (Buttonwillow; Atlanta Motorsports Park). Previous owner tracked the car several times. Otherwise, most other driving done for pleasure or to Cars and Coffee events.

$49k. Please, no dealers or brokers.

1995 Cobra R
7,8xx miles; three-owner car; current owner since 1999
Bassani Side Exit Exhaust Kit
- With High-Flow Cats (OEM available, however, piping at rear axle was cut for ease of removal)
- No tune
Ford Motorsport High Flow Air Filter
Ford Motorsport Spark Plug Wire Set
Steeda Short Shift Kit
Extra set of 1995 Cobra R wheels
Momo Street Racer Seats
- OEM Seats included
Rear Harness Bar (Bolt-in); can easily be removed without modification
Missing Cobra R Owners Supplement
Fuel Cell bladder changed once
Window Sticker; SVT Certificate, Service records

Car currently has a 1-2 check light on. I haven't looked in to this. Before the 1-2 light, it had an air bag light on (Ford no longer sells an air bag module and I haven't looked for a replacement). I was told the 1-2 light is a fuse, but haven't checked yet.

No accidents that I'm aware of. Car tracked at Laguna Seca, Buttonwillow, Nashville Super Speedway and Atlanta Motorsports Park. Like my 2000 R, car was intended to be used for track use, but not a lot of time.

$25k. Please, no dealers or brokers.

Both cars are in very good condition, run strong and very clean.

You can call or text me with any questions. Again, thanks for the interest.
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