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Chin spoiler damaged.

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I knew it would be prone to scuff and cut up some on the underside of the spoiler at how low and protruding the chin spolier is but was really mad at myself with how easy it actually cracked open and now i need to replace it my question is has any one had to replace their chin spoiler and if so how did they find getting the replacement from their dealers. First dealer i contacted knew absolutely nothing about this chin spoiler ,,and he told me there is no part # for it. Just a lazy parts guy . Second dealer was more helpful and i got the part ordered. Any one else who has replaced the spoiler on account of curb damage or whatever?.
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I feel your pain mike,,,for your information the spoiler sells for $400 and change. The good thing is i will do the install myself . Doing auto body for 46 years makes me qualified i think.
That don't sound good mike,. If its torn off i'm sure not alone have you damage done to the right side section but to the attachments of the center section. That would be ok in itself but the whole front splitter comes in 3 pieces ,,,center,,rh/ lh,,and as far as i'm aware it has to be purchased as a full unit piece with all 3 pieces combined @ $482 .00. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that's how it is. I'm still mad at myself for doing what i did to mine. I just picked up my replacement today and will do the install tomorrow.
thanks voodoo, on top of that, i lost my brakes in my 2009 gt 500 this morning at 100 mph little sore and that bill with be more than any chin spoiler
ouch.,,that's not good.
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