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Chassis number plate/plaque stolen

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I had the in dash chassis # plate/plaque stolen from my 2018 GT350 two days ago. Ford, Ford Performance Parts and their "customer service" people have not been helpful at all. I was told "its a police problem" and supposedly they cannot be replaced. Has anyone else had this occur? Any ideas on who to contact? Flat Rock Plant? The plate itself was apparently only help in place by three plastic clips on the back of the plate. VERY POOR design. Had I known that was the case, I would have pulled it myself and locked it up in the safe.
Less than 400 miles on my baby and now this. I'm sure this will devalue the car and I've been planning on passing her onto my sons.
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Dang, sorry to hear that. Was any other damage done when the car was broken into? Can't offer any info for a replacement, but don't understand the "police problem" comment since you're just asking them for a replacement part.
Nothing damaged at all. That part should be riveted or permanently secured to the dash. NOT latched with 3 plastic clips.
I keep the car in my garage 98 percent of the time. Only have 300 miles on it and have always parked it where I can see it when i do drive it. The day that it occurred.. I parked it in the driveway for 4-5 hours while cleaning the garage (door open). It was out of sight for maybe 5-10 min while I went in and out of the house.
Ford Performance Parts told me to open a case number with their Customer Care folks. The folks i talked to sounded like outsourced phone support. "Mark" told me his boss this was "strictly a police matter and that they should be able to help me". I asked them if someone had stolen seats or rims, Ford would allow me to purchase new ones? To which he answered yes. For this, its strictly a police problem. Waiting for a call back from "Marks" bosses boss tomorrow. Not optimistic. VERY disappointed with Ford Customer Svc.
Keep after Ford. It's inexcusable for them to not replace your dash plaque, and your dealer should be helping you. On the bright side, be thankful it wasn't more securely attached or you'd be looking at dash damage too. Good luck and keep us posted.
Thanks. I never did get a call back this week from the "Customer Support" Manager as promised. I'm going to revisit this with the GM at the dealership on Monday to attempt escalation. The Ford Performance Parts person previously implied the Factory is the issue. Will see where it goes and will keep pushing. Spent last night cleaning the fingerprint dust off of the roof and door. The officer did pull some prints off it so also hoping they may get a match from one of the suspects.
See you are a New Mexico guy. Me too. Miss living there.
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