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Canyon Cruise (Saturday) June 30 Malibu

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Brad, Rob, Jack and anyone else,

Join this cruise at Woodland Hills to Neptune at Malibu?
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The image didn't load. What are the details? Times?

Very jealous here in South Florida. I know those roads around Malibu. Wish I could join you guys!
This new server doesn't seem to like pics????
Since the administrators have moved to the clouds, the pictures are difficult to load, upload, or seen, but here is the detail from what I've read. The cruise is hosted by "Klumpikat" from Instagram.

Location: 23340 Avenue San Luis, Woodland Hills.
Date: Saturday June 30
Time: Noon
Details: Cruise to Neptune on PCH for lunch, that would be a really late lunch.


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heck yeah, I'm in!
Ryan, I am waiting to see if Jack (Technicallimitation) and Brad (Hotlap) can make it. Rob is working that day.
The coordinator has changed the meeting time from noon to 8:AM at Woodland Hills. FYI for all those interested in cruising.
Has anyone decided to go to this?
Ryan, unfortunately Rob, Brad, and I will not be able to make this one.
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