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Here's what my build looks like. I sure wished I could get the Recaro seats with the technology package :/
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My build is simple so far, Oxford White with the Technology Package. I'm still unsure of the color. I need to see the Avalanche Gray paint in person.

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Magnetic color, black stripes and roof, Technology package for my 350GT. This is not the 'R' version, which was my first preference. However, the dealer said that their allocation of those had been already spoken for and the mark-up was $40,000. My car comes to about $56,000 MSRP with a $20,000 mark-up! That's a lot, but I live in Southern California, which is full of rich people with money to blow on these things. I ordered mine on October 13 and barely got on the list. It appears that I will get it but I'm wondering what will happen when a guy with a fleet of 50 Ford trucks and vans he's purchased from the dealer comes in around Christmas and wants one. Will my order simply somehow disappear, such as, "Sorry, there was a mistake in the paperwork."
Ugh I sure hope that doesn't happen to you and that you get it quickly. It's bad enough that the dealer is sticking to the $20k mark-up. Have you tried ordering one from Phoenix or Las Vegas were you could possibly get a better deal? Heck, even if you only end up paying $10k over sticker you could have a lot of fun in Vegas for the additional $10k you were going to pay :)
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Looks good. I share in your thought re: the Recaros. I am 6' around 202lbs, so my dealer told me that if I am doing limited track time not to go with the Recaros as they are tight.
The Sport seats are enough for the street. I like the adjustability, heated/cooled etc.. at least for me and what I will be doing with the car, 98% street....
I do live the way the Recaros look though...we will suffer...
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